Rules & Regulations

  1. Teams can choose any ONE of the following disciplines according to their project. Civil (CE), Mechanical (ME), Electrical (EE), Electronics (EC), Computer (CS), Food (FT), Chemical (CHE), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics (RT), Computer Application (MCA), Analytical, Human Centric Design (HCD), Health Care Innovation (HCI).
  1. One project can only be registered under a single discipline. All the members of the team should be a student of a Registered Educational Institute and be graduating in 2024 or later.
  1. Candidates must belong to B.Tech /BE course of any Engineering College in India/IIT/NIT/Universities can participate in all the streams.
  1. Postgraduate students (M.E/M.Tech/Doctorate) can participate for “Analytical Project Award” (ANSYS, MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS, CADENCE). 
  1. MCA students can participate for “Best Computer Application Project Award”
  1. Candidates applying for Health Care Innovation Stream must belong to B.Tech /BE course of any Engineering College in India/IIT/NIT/Universities or undergraduate courses in medical or paramedical fields, such as MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, etc. from approved institutions.
  1. Candidates applying for the Human Centric Design Stream must be enrolled in undergraduate design courses such as B.Des, B.Sc. in Fashion Design, or B.Tech/BE courses from approved institutions.
  1. a) In addition, each team has the option to participate in a theme-based project competition as well.

           b) Teams can also choose to participate in the Best Business Plan Award by submitting a 300-word write-up in support

               of  their business plan.

  1. General / Case Study projects will not be considered.
  1. Team members cannot be altered after online registration, and the maximum number of students allowed in a team is five, along with one faculty mentor.
  1. Teams can present their results in the form of 3D models, drawings, posters, computer-generated (simulation) models, and working models.
  1. To access the synopsis details and sample format, please visit
  1. Certificates for both the winners and participants will only be issued to the students listed in the bonafide certificate issued by the respective head of the institution.
  1. The shortlisting of projects for the exhibition will be done by an internal technical committee. The winners will be selected after a two-tier evaluation process, beginning from the forenoon session of Day 2 by stream evaluation and afternoon session by an elite panel evaluation consisting of top-level industrialists and academicians in India.
  1. Results will be announced between 3 pm and 5 pm on Day 2.
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